night guards in downtown calgary
Night guards are designed to prevent you from grinding your teeth, and an athletic mouthguard is designed to absorb the shock of impact to your teeth. For these appliances to be as effective as possible, it’s best to have them custom fit by your dentist.

How do Night Guards Work?

Teeth grinding can be a major problem for people. Even if you don’t grind your teeth during your waking hours, grinding at night can still be a problem. And that grinding can lead to tooth erosion and enamel damage. When either of these types of damage appear, the nerve root can be exposed, and that leads to many dental problems.

We provide night guards in Downtown Calgary that are designed to be strong against grinding. At Bow Valley Dental, we understand that you can’t stop the grinding, but the night guard keeps you from damaging the surface of your teeth. And, with a custom-fitted night guard, you’ll get more restful sleep.

How do Sports Mouth Guards work?

The job of a sports guard is to keep your teeth in your mouth during contact or high impact sports. Even in low impact sports, your teeth can suffer damage from an accidental impact or sudden jarring. A custom-fitted sports guard can offer protection in multiple instances. We offer custom sports guards near you to reduce the chance of receiving a concussion as well as act as shock absorbers for the jaw. Both have neurological benefits above just protecting your teeth from sudden impact

So whether you grind your teeth or play sports of any kind, mouth guards are vitally important. Contact us today to get your custom-fitted night or sports guard so you can enjoy more restful sleep and feel comfortable knowing you are protecting your teeth.