Typically, you should expect to replace your sports mouth guard every year, but there are other times and reasons when you should replace them too.

If you play contact sports, your dentist in Downtown Calgary will recommend that you wear a sports mouthguard to prevent injury. For example, if you play a sport such as football, a mouthguard will lower your risk of getting a chipped or broken tooth when you are tackled on the field. While a custom sports mouth guard offers a good level of protection, they aren’t indestructible. When your mouthguard wears out, it’s time to replace it with a new one.

Here are some times when you should consider replacing your sports mouth guard:

When Sporting Season Ends

Whether you use sports guards near you for basketball, hockey, football, wrestling, or other sports, you should be mindful of getting a new mouthguard after your season ends.

Over time and use, your mouthguard will thin out until it is no longer useful for protecting your teeth. You need enough protective material to absorb impact, so getting a new mouthguard after each sporting season is a good idea.

If Your Jaw Has Grown

If your child is using a sports mouth guard and is still growing, they will need a new mouthguard every six months. You don’t want your child’s mouthguard to inhibit their jaw growth.

Bow Valley Dental recommends that you bring your child into our dental clinic every six months for a routine dental cleaning and checkup with our dentist near you, so this is a great time to also get a new sports mouth guard for your child.

If Your Bite Has Changed

If you are in the middle of orthodontic treatment or recently had tooth extractions, you will need a new mouthguard to adapt to your new bite. A custom mouthguard is fitted exactly to your mouth structure to provide you with optimal protection. If your mouth changes, then your mouthguard will have to change to continue to provide you with the most protection possible.

If it is Damaged

If your sports mouth guard has become damaged, do not use it to protect your teeth. It could cause serious injury from breaking further in your mouth. It would be better to use a temporary stock mouthguard until you can visit Bow Valley Dental to get a replacement custom mouthguard.

Ensure that you do not chew your mouthguard either. This can cause unnecessary damage and wear.

A Sports Mouth Guard is Different from a Custom Night Guard

Sports guards differ from nightguards. Individuals seek nightguards in downtown Calgary to prevent teeth grinding, while sports guards prevent damage during sports.

If you believe that you have been clenching or grinding your teeth at night, speak to our dentist about whether a nightguard may help you.

Interested in Sports Mouth Guards?

At Bow Valley Dental, we understand the importance of engaging in the sports you love. Sports offer companionship, stress relief, and joy, and we want all our patients to be able to engage in the sports they love without fear of injury.

When you schedule a consultation with one of our dentists, they will help you find the best mouthguard for your smile and the sport you play. Our team of dedicated dental professionals will walk you through each step of getting a sports mouthguard and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Visit Bow Valley Dental today; we can’t wait to cheer you on!